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The Mission Critical Fire Protection Podcast is a conversation series that showcases fire protection industry experts discussing everything from fire protection systems in mission critical facilities to in-depth specifics on advanced fire protection technology.
Episode 26 - Discussing data centers and integration with Dal BrazzelEpisode 25 - Discussing core culture and HR with Amanda SweetEpisode 24 - Discussing water mist and new technology with Alan RhodesEpisode 23 - Catalog graphics and layout with Bobby WheelerEpisode 22 - Large water mist applications and development with Dan JasperEpisode 21 - Managing people, training, and development with Kyle HofferEpisode 20 -Discussing water mist systems in New York with Larry LussierEpisode 19 - Discussing longtime family industrial fire protection with Sheldon JohnsonEpisode 18 - Championing ORR's culture with Marc LeonardiEpisode 17 - Navigating Chicago's fire suppression jobs with Tim O'BrienEpisode 16 - Growing up into the fire protection industry with Steve NelsonEpisode 15 - Discussing Fike MicroMist Fire Suppression with Mike McCaneEpisode 14 - Beginning at ORR, a family friendly company with Mark ReamsEpisdoe 13 - Mass Notification Systems with Mark BoudosEpisode 12 - Fire Protection System Design and Engineering with Cory EnglishEp. 11 - CO2 Systems for Gas Turbines with Chuck HatfieldEpisode 10 - Low Voltage Systems with Jamie BlanchardEpisode 9 -  Heavy Industrial Market with Michelle WilleEpisode 8 - Power Generation with Rick ReynoldsEpisode 7 - Engineered Fire protection with Chris Sickels