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Aug 20 2022 β€’ 59 mins

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating the federal constitutional right to abortion. This gives lawmakers here in Arizona permission to ban abortion-- many of whom should have been indicted a year and a half ago for insurrection! We deserve the right to make decisions about our own bodies and lives. Why should old white farts who are bought and sold by corporate interests legislate what we can do with our bodies? I think men should not be able to vote on this issue at all! In fact,.#DEFUNDVIAGRA! Turns man into rapists. This is an attack on women's right to choose their reproductive future, I call for Congress to #TAXTHECHURCH! For decades now, churches -- through organizations like Christian coalition, radicalize their congregations with hate speech against minority groups. The church has been lobbying & bribing our Congressmembers for decades, a clear violation of church and state; Plus the church discriminated against women in church leadership for millenia. The church should lose their tax exempt Haven, over their institutionalized pedophilia! They should have to pay reparations to all the indigenous people worldwide, since they have carried out atrocities in genocide, for hundreds of years! Taking away a woman's right to choose when to start a family and to conceive, is a form of torture, cruel and unusual punishment. These draconian policy should be rejected by our supreme court, the highest court in the land! But the supreme Court itself is now dominated by religious right-wing extremists and activist judges! I can only recommend to others that they call all 3 branches of government, tell them to expand the courts; pressure all 6 justices who overturned Roe v Wade to resign. PS: WRITE ✍️ ME IN DEMS! TRISTA 4 STATE MINE INSPECTOR TKS! πŸ’•++++++Ron death sentence should be removed for several reasons, 1) is his criminal mishandling of covid, and threatening schools, threatening to yank their funding if they tried to protect their students by wearing a mask! Then, he's persecuting lgbtq youth and their parents, calling for the parents to be investigated for child abuse! So he's persecuting minority groups. Not to mention his stupid don't say gay bill, which criminalizes self-expression. Then, he is heavily invested in regeneron! That is a conflict of interest! Why isn't the #thejusticedept doing something about this? Or the #FBI? Ron duck sentence and the other Republican governors should be removed from office immediately, prosecuted and barred from holding office in the future! If you agree call the Department of Justice 202-514-2000 Congress 202-224-3121 the White House 202-456-1111. Reminds President Biden that as president, he can remove governors!!!!!! I REPEAT: PRESIDENT BIDEN CAN REMOVE GOVERNORS! +++++++Hey πŸ‘‹ students! Keep this in mind :-) I am running for write ✍️ in Arizona mine Inspector, as the Dems forgot to put a horse in that race! So I’m volunteering, I encourage you young people to please step up to the plate, and run for office too! Anyway, can you please tell your membership to write me in so we don’t get stuck with the GOP candidate? Thank you! BTW I am pro woman pro-democracy pro BLM pro student pro families pro kids. Berkeley, Oxford, Taipei medical University honours grad, Journalist, artist and educator.