Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ

Kenyatta T. Robinson

Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ supports the growing community of passionate backyard barbeque enthusiasts who are interested in learning about barbeque cooking techniques, grills, smokers, accessories and delicious recipes. On a whim, host Kenyatta Robinson posted a clip on YouTube after he asked his daughter to film the arrival of his long awaited custom-built 20" offset smoker from Lone Star Grillz. Kenyatta was surprised by the number of questions received about the smoker so he created a follow-up video where he described the features of the stick burner and and explained why he was interested in learning how to make BBQ with one. The video was well received and the channel was born in earnest back in 2018.Since then Kenyatta has amassed a number of other grills and smokers and continues to make videos about them. This podcast is an extension of the YouTube channel and is designed to give listeners another way to share in Kenyatta's insights about BBQ. The live video stream of this podcast can be accessed at, the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ channel on YouTube and on other popular social media platforms.