Oak use for Sparkling wines, Wiston Estate Sussex with Dermot Sugrue English wine scene Ep.4

Looking Into Wine

Apr 1 2022 • 41 mins

Sussex is classified as having a maritime climate and is one of the sunniest and warmest areas in England. Rainfall per annum is typically in the 650 to 850 range (25.5 to 33.5 inches). Projections regarding climate change have prompted optimistic suggestions that Sussex and neighboring areas may in a couple of decades supplant the ever-warming Champagne region as the world center of sparkling wine. Nevertheless, the climate throughout the south of England, remains marginal for still wine production, especially for red grape varieties. With the Wiston Head Winemaker Dermot Sugrue, we explore the sunny Sussex and we took much attention to the use of Oak in Sparkling wine production, both in aging and vinification. As you can see below England has some serious vintage variation, which implicates the quality and quantity of wines produced each season. At Wiston, Dermot has been working on a solera system in the tank for the liquor of tirage which give much character to the Sparkle. 2008 – 24 tons 2009 – 90 tons 2010 – 150 tons 2011 – 60 tons 2012 – 11 tons (darkest, wettest and coldest summer since 1912) 2013 – 186 tons 2014 – 330 tons! That’s England for you! At the heart of the Wiston Estate story is the Goring family, led by Pip and Harry, who planted their first grapes in 2006 in the South Downs. With years of hard graft and challenges, the real deal clincher was the appointment of Dermot Sugrue as Head Winemaker, following a stint at Nyetimber. Dermot has since laid the foundations for much of modern English winemaking’s advancement. The Wiston winery, Dermot, and their clients have almost certainly won more medals, more trophies, and more acclaim than any other winery in England. The venue, Wiston House, is the centerpiece of the Wiston Estate – a true family affair that has been in the Goring family since 1743. Coincidentally, 1743 was also the year that Moët et Chandon was founded. Who would have thought back then that anyone would plant a vineyard in the heart of the Sussex countryside in 2006? The determination of Pip and her husband Harry, and the next generation of Kirsty and Richard, has been an inspirational and ethical driving force for the business. Read Hannah’s article Wiston Estate, A Family History, for a closer look into the Goring family story. Some other useful links on the topic https://www.wistonestate.com/?msclkid=53679b75b04e11ecbbcbc6201fcc7de5 www.winegb.co.uk www.winegb.co.uk/home-visitors/classic-method/ https://www.jancisrobinson.com/ocw/detail/england Reach us on Instagram lookingintowine Twitter Mattia Scarpazza Mail Info@mattiascarpazza.com