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Season 3 - Ep. 1 | Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation
Jun 23 2022
Season 3 - Ep. 1 | Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation
We are excited to announce the launch of LCS Talks Season 3 on Faith, Identity, and Christian formation. This next season, we not only explore our teachers’ journeys implementing our re-envisioned K-12 Biblical Studies curriculum, but report back on some of our staff professional learning with our formational Christian teaching practices, discuss the importance of faith-formational efforts in our teaching and learning, and what it looks like to encourage more lifelong learning views of education. We will be joined by Christian education experts from all over the world and our own teaching staff as we engage in discussions about Christian faith-formation. As we engage with local thinkers, Christian school leaders, our K-12 staff members, and students, we seek to tell the stories that are shaping this community of faith and learning. In episode one, some key voices from the K-12 Bible team, Karen Brouwer Vlieg (Grade 3 Teacher), Regan Davis (Grade 8 Teacher), Josh Withrow (High School Bible/Humanities Teacher), and Amy Stromgren (Grade 6 Teacher and Indigenous Learning Coordinator) share the stories that have shaped the re-envisioned Biblical Studies curriculum, what they have learned throughout the process, and what they are excited about in terms of the direction and work ahead with our phased implementation plan. You can subscribe to the podcast so you can stay up to date with our releases into the fall this next school year.