Season 3 - Ep. 5 | Faith, Identity, and Christian Formation (ft. LCS House Directors & Ms. Wind)

LCS Talks

Nov 10 2022 • 40 mins

In this episode, Berkley and Kevin chat about our efforts towards discipleship and faith formation in the middle and high school. You won’t want to miss some of the important insights shared as we get to know Brenda Wind (Middle School Assistant Principal) and our lightning life House Directors (Kara Davis, Brodan Thiel, and Cody Friesen). The conversation is filled with some key considerations about how a community of faith, teaching, and learning engages in practices to encourage spiritual conversation. Mr. Thiel that our scars help students believe that our vulnerabilities point to the need for a saviour at the same time. Ms. Wind characterizes when we lead with vulnerability, we create a safe place where kids can be vulnerable. Join in the conversation if you want to hear about our learning or if your school community is exploring different approaches to community and faith formation.