Disagreeing with Love

Wondering Jews with Mijal and Noam

Jan 31 2024 • 26 mins

Join Noam Weissman and Mijal Bitton as they explore the complexities of addressing sensitive questions within the Jewish community. In this engaging conversation, the hosts share personal anecdotes and experiences related to discussions on emotionally charged topics, with a specific focus on recent events in Israel and Gaza. Navigating such conversations can be hard, and Noam and Mijal discuss coping mechanisms and strategies for engaging with diverse perspectives. Discover the importance of disagreeing with love and appreciate diverse viewpoints in this candid exploration of fostering understanding amidst challenging discussions. This podcast was brought to you by Unpacked, a division of OpenDor Media. For other podcasts from Unpacked, check out: Jewish History Nerds Unpacking Israeli History Soulful Jewish Living