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Journey to Becoming an Audiologist with Dr. Michelle Hu from Mama Hu Hears
Jun 14 2022
Journey to Becoming an Audiologist with Dr. Michelle Hu from Mama Hu Hears
Michelle Hu has been a pediatric audiologist for over 12 years working specifically with the diagnosis, hearing amplification, cochlear implant evaluation, programming and aural rehabilitation. Something unique about her is that she grew up hard of hearing herself. She was fit with hearing aids at at 3 years and now utilizes bilateral cochlear implants. Her personal experience lends to her uncanny ability to relate and be a role model for others with hearing loss and source of strength and hope for parents of children with hearing loss. As a mother of three and a military spouse, Michelle strives to balance family life, clinical practice and entrepreneurship. During maternity leave with her second child, she found herself missing the relationships created in the clinic with patients. Thus Mama Hu Hears was created as a space where she shares personal and professional experiences with hearing loss and the field of audiology. With thousands people with hearing loss and parents of children with hearing loss reached out to her for help, guidance and to share their stories, Michelle knew she had to do something more. She has created an online program titled “My Child Has Hearing Loss, Now What?” to support anxious and doubtful parents through their family’s hearing loss journey. www.mamahuhears.comInstagram: @mama.hu.hearshttps://www.facebook.com/mamahuhearsTranscription available at: https://otter.ai/u/8X7wZZqxsxcSvJBHdtY8Jme5U0w