What next for Dbuzz? Defluenced Podcast S2Ep15


May 17 2023 • 45 mins

The Dbuzz proposal on Hive passed within a week of its drop. So we got @nathansenn on to talk about it and whats going to happen with Dbuzz and what to expect over the length of the proposal. It's exciting and you dont want to miss this interview. https://peakd.com/me/proposals/263https://d.buzz Join Dbuzz https://join.d.buzz/@unkleboneheadhttps://join.d.buzz/@allentaylor --- Pre show live music was Tom Macdonald. https://hangovergang.comhttps://twitter.com/@iamtommacdonaldhttps://www.youtube.com/@UCElGBUWDCa05jRzc2PfmGqQ --- For those who dont know I try stream all my podcasts live on CastGarden. In the pre show (30-45 minutes in length) I typically play music from great independent artists and mashups or cover songs. If I have links for the artists I post them in the description so you can go purchase their music & merch. My CastGarden channel https://cast.garden/c/defluenced/videos --- Find us on https://defluenced.onlinehttps://twitter.com/@defluenced On Hive @defluencedcast @allentaylor @unklebonehead --- CastGarden is the #1 Web3 Podcast Hosting platform. Grow your cross-app Podcasting 2.0 channel here with Fediverse, Blockchain and RSS syndication, P2P HD Streaming, Podping, Subtitles, unstoppable passive income and more. No more walled gardens! https://cast.garden

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