A Conscious Conversation With Jessie Kanzer

ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations Podcast

Feb 23 2022 • 42 mins

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Jessie was born in the Soviet Union as Asya Bronfman

A descendant of Holocaust survivors living in a communal apartment with four households, one toilet, and a rickety old bathtub in the middle of the kitchen. Her family sought asylum in the U.S., and after awaiting their fate in Austria and Italy, they finally made it to Brooklyn in 1989.

As an 8-year-old refugee who only spoke Russian, Jessie (or “Asya” then) yearned to fit in. She changed her name and much about herself. Later though, she experienced depression, an eating disorder, and all sorts of existential problems. She pursued Hollywood fame, men, and the American Dream, but always fell short.

Until she stopped.

With the help of the Tao Te Ching she rediscovered herself and her innate power, and she learned to chill. Her book, Don’t Just Sit There, DO NOTHING, will help others do the same.

“An honest, magnificent journey of courage and insight. The unveiling of light in a way that illuminates the light in each of us. I think you will find a hero in this book. And that hero is you.” —Laura Day, NYT bestselling author of Practical Intuition and The Circle

Jessie lives with her husband and daughters in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She considers herself an expert in Doing Nothing.