This Is Important


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Our Editor's Take

From the men who brought you the Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics—Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck—comes a podcast that further demonstrates their talents and knack for hilarity. While Workaholics followed a college-aged trio as they settled into adult life amidst their epic failures, in This Is Important, the guys sit down to discuss what they’ve learned along the way. The quartet delivers outrageous life lessons, relays advice (given and received), and discusses pop culture trends they deem important, offering essential knowledge for folks navigating this confusing world.

If you’re looking for a good time, you’ve come to the right place. Ders, Adam, Blake, and Kyle are not shy about discussing salient topics, big and small. The "brozarks" are comfortable in their own skin, and with the lives they lead, however crazy or awkward. The gang tells all and ultimately delivers some valuable life lessons while breaking down absurd advice.

In their weekly special episode, "The Pleasure Is Ours," the four hosts examine everyday, seemingly rational advice that, in their opinion, is dished out a little too freely. For instance, have you ever really stopped to think about what it really means when you tell someone "good things come in small packages"? "The Pleasure Is Ours" loves to dig deep into societal and cultural tropes—think parking tickets, going to the movies, drinking, friendship, your friend’s parents—and pushes boundaries with provocative slander. But This Is Important always achieves a radiant and hilarious optimism. This series provides easy laughs, and is well-worth the binge. Hear for yourself how these friends got through the pandemic. (Spoiler alert: Their secret was turning the seemingly mundane into comical, charming commentary.)

This Is Important feels like a standup comedy routine, starring four talented funnymen. But this podcast differs from a scripted performance, thriving because of its pure spontaneity. You never know where this show is going to take you—and that’s the pure joy of it.

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