Advancing Health Equity with FemTech feat. HelloGina

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Mar 23 2023 • 21 mins

The FemTech sector has seen major growth in the last 5 years – and as the healthcare industry increases its focus on equity, is only projected to keep growing. In this Women’s History Month episode, Jen is joined by Vynamic’s Diana Kuritza, Jen Proietti-Fox, Shari Robbins, and HelloGina’s Daphne Petrich to discuss the latest trends in FemTech and what it could mean for women’s health going forward.

Podcast Tags: healthcare, health tech, women’s health, women’s history month, health equity, digital health

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Daphne Petrich, US Business Development Lead at HelloBetter

Shari Robbins, Senior Director

Jen Proietti-Fox, Director

Diana Kuritza, Manager

Jen Burke, Healthcare Industry Strategist