Making the band

Music Explored Podcast

Jul 4 2024 • 29 mins

Cigar Club is a band formed in 2016, consisting of Tyler Booth on drums, Dan Amato on guitar and vocals, Trevor on vocals, and Jeff on bass. The name 'Cigar Club' was suggested by their original drummer, Simon. They talk about their evolving approach to writing songs and incorporating different elements into their music. They also discuss the importance of crowd testing their songs and making adjustments based on audience reactions. The band shares their plans for the future, including upcoming releases and the Gussapalooza Festival.


01:35 Origin of the Band Name

05:13 Early Performances and Songwriting

09:20 Tyler Booth Joins the Band

12:42 Recording Music

14:49 Collaborative Writing Process

18:45 Crowd Testing and Adjusting Songs

20:02 Future Plans and Releases

26:12 The Dream: Making Music for a Living