Things that musicians should never do

Music Explored Podcast

Apr 1 2024 • 47 mins

In this episode we delve into crucial advice for musicians aiming to thrive in today's ever-evolving music industry landscape. Join us as we identify and discuss five common pitfalls that musicians often fall into, hindering their progress and success. From neglecting branding and obsessing over social media metrics to ignoring essential music business fundamentals, we explore the detrimental effects of these habits on artists' careers. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing health and well-being, as well as embracing adaptation to industry changes. Packed with valuable insights and actionable tips, this episode serves as a wake-up call for musicians striving to elevate their craft and achieve long-term success. Tune in to discover the key strategies for navigating the challenges of the modern music industry and taking your music career to new heights.

- [01:00] Discussion on the importance of branding for musicians.

- [02:15] Why neglecting branding can hinder an artist's success.

- [03:45] Tips on building a strong brand as a musician.

- [05:00] Exploring the obsession with social media metrics among musicians.

- [06:30] The downside of solely focusing on follower counts and likes.

- [08:00] Alternative strategies for leveraging social media effectively.

- [09:30] The significance of understanding music business fundamentals.

- [11:00] Common mistakes made by musicians who overlook business aspects.

- [12:45] Resources and education avenues for learning about the music industry.

- [14:00] Addressing the tendency for musicians to neglect self-care.

- [15:30] The impact of neglecting health on creativity and performance.

- [17:00] Strategies for prioritizing health and well-being in the music industry.

- [18:30] Discussion on the importance of adapting to changes in the music industry.

- [20:00] Examples of outdated practices that musicians should abandon.

- [21:30] Embracing innovation and staying relevant in a dynamic industry.


- [23:00] Recap of the 5 things musicians need to stop doing.

- [24:00] Closing remarks and encouragement for listeners to implement positive changes.