The Power of Live Performance & Living Within Your Means as an Artist

Music Explored Podcast

Apr 24 2024 • 32 mins


  • Childhood dreams can shape our aspirations and influence our paths in life.
  • Pursuing a career in music, particularly as a rapper, requires a lot of hard work and dedication.
  • Doing cover songs can be a way to gain exposure and connect with audiences.
  • Live performances have a unique energy and can create memorable experiences for both artists and audiences.
  • The decline of music television shows like Much Music has created a need for new platforms to showcase emerging artists.
  • Overproduction can sometimes detract from the authenticity and impact of music shows. Exposure is crucial for artists to gain recognition and expand their fan base.
  • Organizing large-scale music events can be challenging due to budget constraints and the difficulty of bringing together iconic bands.
  • Having a strategic marketing plan and giving enough time for promotion is essential for filling up venues and attracting audiences.
  • Living within one's means and focusing on developing one's craft are important for artists to succeed in the music industry.
  • Believing in one's potential and making consistent efforts to improve are key to achieving success.

00:00 Childhood Dreams and Hip Hop

07:09 The Decline of Music Television and the Need for New Platforms

12:29 Overproduction in Music Shows

21:26 Marketing and Planning for Success

26:36 The Journey of Self-Improvement

30:40 Living Within Your Means and Making Positive Changes