How To Stop People From Treating You Poorly Reissue

Last 8% Morning

Sep 21 2020 • 20 mins

Before season two starts up again at the end of this month, we're reissuing our final favourite episodes. Today: How to stop people from treating you poorly.
Do you often find yourself at a loss when someone puts you down, shuts you down or lets you down? Are you often not sure what to say in that moment? If that is the case, then this session is for you. JP outlines a 3-point plan for to help you stop people from treating you poorly.

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In a very short time, we are working from home, or we have lost our job, or are home schooling our kids, feeling the effects of isolating alone or possibly being with others in cramped quarters.

If this isn’t bad enough on its own, we are also facing the virus of fear that comes with uncertainty. Are things going to get worse? Are our loved ones going to be OK? Is it OK to end social distancing now? How long can we keep this up? These strong emotions make it difficult to form an effective response when we face the difficult decisions and conversations in front of us.

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