The Shamanic Fast Track to EnLightenment with Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song | EnLightened Peace Shaman and Master Healer

To be EnLightened means to live as One with the Light, experiencing our Golden Light Essence in every experience. Having reached the state of constant EnLightenment, Great Masters such as Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song encourage us to strive for EnLightenment, knowing an Illumined state is the way to a Peace-full existence of Soul Balance and Soul EmPowerment. Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is recognized globally as an EnLightened Peace Shaman, Shaktipat Master Healer and embodiment of The Divine Mother of the Universe. To help us achieve successful, EnLightened lives, She has created practical, easy to use Sacred Tools that we can apply to elevate every area of our being. Are you ready for greater Peace, Love, Harmony, Health, Prosperity, Clarity and Happiness? It is possible! Contact with Holy Mother's Teachings, Tools and Shaktipat Limpia healing sessions accelerates your Spiritual blossoming by igniting your inner Light Essence. We invite you to connect and receive an infusion of Bliss and Illuminating Wisdom...Holy Mother is a Joyful Teacher whose enthusiasm for the Spiritual Path is contagious! Tune in...experience expanded Awareness, amplified Self-Love and Higher Consciousness, as Her Holiness masterfully guides you on the Fast Track to EnLightenment! Visit our Impeccable Warrior of Light website,, to learn more about Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, Her Wisdom Tools, Teachings, and Grace-Bestowing Shaktipat Limpia Healing Sessions. Stay up to date on all Peace Mother and Impeccable Warrior of Light are offering by joining our free Newsletter and receive the ebook “Spiritual Protection for Modern Life” by Her Holiness, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, available on our Impeccable Warrior of Light website read less