'Perform, Reform, Transform' - Pilates Instructor, Ildiko Campbell

STAGES with Peter Eyers

Mar 10 2021 • 47 mins

The two tools crucial to a performer are the voice and the body. We tell stories with the spoken and sung word - and communicate through movement - shapes, attitudes and gesture! STAGES has featured episodes where we have discussed vocal care with singers and teachers - today we examine movement - which is so important to creative story-tellers. Indeed effective movement to all of us is important - especially as we get older.
A method of movement which has figured prominently is that pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Originally created in the early twentieth century when Joseph Pilates was interned as an ‘enemy alien’ at the outbreak of war while living in the UK, it was soon developed as a form a of rehabilitation for soldiers returning from war. Later it was embraced by dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine to assist with the aches and pains acquired from the art form and to strengthen dancers' bodies.
Today we’ll look at why this method of training has supported so many with freer motion and strength. We also consider the work developed by Movement Practitioners, Rudolph Laban and Tadashi Suzuki in their support of performance.
My Guest in this episode is a former Drama teacher who operates her own Pilates studio, ‘Perform Pilates’, in the Sydney suburb of Stanmore. She’s very familiar with the practitioners mentioned and is a tremendous advocate for being kind to the body and supporting it with effective movement. Say hello to Ildiko Campbell.