Total Recall of the Summer Blockbuster

Using our Library Voices

Jun 14 2023 • 30 mins

It maybe a dated phrase these days, but the "Summer Blockbuster" was a Summer time staple for kids who grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s. This month's episode we celebrate and recall what the biggest Summer Blockbusters were to give listeners today a peek into what made these movies iconic for generations!

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Created by the Podcast Team at the Harris County Public Library.

Podcast Team Members include: Beth Krippel, John Harbaugh, Mary Mink, Lana Sell, Ellen Kaluza, Sadina Shawver, Gisella Parker, Kara Ludwig, Delaney Daly, Jennifer Finch, Katelyn Helberg, Logan Tuttle, Darcy Casavant, Darla Pruitt and Nancy Hu

Original Music created by Bryan Kratish