Everyone needs a FRIEND! How our FRIENDS support our library

Using our Library Voices

Apr 13 2023 • 30 mins

People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend.  They're warm-hearted people that'll love the library to the end and on this month's episode we meet a few of our library friends of all ages and chat with them about the different ways they support the Harris County Public Library.

If you'd like to be a friend to the library, please donate to or join
https://www. hcfol.org

This episode features the voices of Logan Tuttle, Mary Mink, Sadina Shawver, John Harbaugh,  and Kelly Hayden with guests Jennifer Nandal and the FRIENDS and Patrons of Katy Branch Library and Spring Branch Memorial Branch Library.

Created by the Podcast Team at the Harris County Public Library.

Podcast Team Members include: Beth Krippel, John Harbaugh, Mary Mink, Lana Sell, Ellen Kaluza, Sadina Shawver, Gisella Parker, Kara Ludwig, Delaney Daly, Jennifer Finch, Katelyn Helberg, Logan Tuttle, Darcy Casavant, Darla Pruitt and Nancy Hu

Original Music created by Bryan Kratish