HCPL Takes Comicpalooza!

Using our Library Voices

Jul 24 2023 • 49 mins

It's a Compicpalooza extravaganza episode as this month's host, Jennifer Finch, brings us voices from vendors and cosplayers alike, highlights from the live Gabbing with the Librarians podcast session, and an interview with fantasy author Kij Johnson.

This episode was produced by Sadina Shawver edited by Katelyn Helberg and features the voices of Kij Johnson, Mary Mink, Lana Sell, Sadina Shawver, attendees and vendors at Comicpalooza, and our Host, Jennifer Finch

Check out some of the titles mentioned in this episode from your local library! Click HERE for books from this episode

Created by the Podcast Team at the Harris County Public Library.

Podcast Team Members include: Beth Krippel, John Harbaugh, Mary Mink, Lana Sell, Ellen Kaluza, Sadina Shawver, Gisella Parker, Kara Ludwig, Delaney Daly, Jennifer Finch, Katelyn Helberg, Logan Tuttle, Darcy Casavant, Darla Pruitt and Nancy Hu

Original Music created by Bryan Kratish