David Gilgur - From finance to teaching to investing - All about investing in start-ups and Blue Lake Accelerator

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Oct 5 2021 • 33 mins

Hello and Welcome back our fellow listeners! This week, we have with us, an exceptional guest that didn't always work in Tech but has a fascinating journey. David started his career at Bloomberg and is now a founding partner at Blue Lake, a UK based early-stage VC that invests in startups.
What happened to UK investing in Ukrainian companies and startups? How was Blue Lake Accelerator created? What mistakes do founders do? How easy is it to find investors and how do you do it? All these questions answered by David here.

If you want to contact David you can find him on linkedin as David Gilgur or email him at d.gilgur@vimesvc.com

David on Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisoncoleman/2020/02/09/the-entrepreneur-helping-ukraines-startup-talent-to-go-global/?sh=5b41766f7736


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