The ongoing legal legacy of Owls Head

Thinking Out Loud with Sheldon MacLeod

Jan 21 2022 • 9 mins

It was an issue that dogged Iain Rankin in the last general election in Nova Scotia. Since then, we have a new premier, a new government and a new minister of Natural Resources. Also, the developers behind the potential golf resort at Owls Head have withdrawn their offer of purchase of the 285-hectare package of uninhabited Crown property and the Nova Scotia government recently announced Owls Head would in deed become protected from development once and for all. And still, a lawsuit is still wending its way through the Nova Scotia court system. Jamie Simpson with Juniper Law is representing the Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association, the group that launched the initial case against the development. Here, he discusses why this is important and why they are still preparing for the May 12th appeal hearing.