Ep 22 - Caron Clancey

Real Feels

Mar 25 2020 • 52 mins

Caron Clancey is a writer, director, and eco-conscious hero. And I say “hero” because she wields her power in the way that every one of us can - with our wallets. She makes choices every day, no matter how small, to lower her carbon footprint and help heal the environment. And I think it’s about time that we recognize how exciting it is to make big changes every day. Caron and I talk here about her love for dirt, the helpful earth-nerd tricks she shares online, and how disconnected masculinity bleeds into every area of environmental politics. Above all, this episode will inspire you to make even the smallest baby steps toward your health and the world’s. Because we do what we can with the choices we are brought. And I’m so glad to bring you Caron Clancey in this moment….right now….

Caron's favorite video about composting - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWKxFWstoCA