A Message For Adults

Clean Plate Club

Aug 1 2023 • 2 mins

Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan, chef and co-founder of Rachael Ray’s cooking and kids charity, Yum-o!,  is excited to introduce a new podcast, "Clean Plate Club." Designed as a co-listening experience for adults and kids, “Clean Plate Club” brings together amazing chefs and celebrities who love cooking with their children. In each episode, you'll hear a fun storytime session intertwined with educational tidbits for the kitchen. Kappy’s own twins, Leo + Ella, will add to the fun. This podcast encourages exploration, learning, and the creation of kitchen memories. Tune in to the approximately 5-minute episodes, and discover the full recipes on social media and in the episode notes. Don't miss out on the first batch of recipes coming this July. Start a new tradition with your little ones and embark on the flavorful journey of “Clean Plate Club.”


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Executive Producer/Host: Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan

Co-Executive Producer: Ian Cohen

Producer/Editor: Joel Yeaton

Producer: Shant Petrossian

Digital Producers: Red Summit Productions

Social Media: Aki Gaythwaite

Kid Voices: Leo + Ella Kaplan

Music & Sound: Jeffrey Goldford and the Likeminds

Educational Consultant: Barbara Johnson

Album Artwork: Dave Bogart

Clean Plate Club is a production of Beyond the Plate.