Shopping at Home With GAS

Perswayssick Radio: Unearthly Comedy

Sep 7 2021 • 42 mins

“Shopping at Home with GAS,” Episode 5

Gneeecey and Nicki arrive late to his GAS Broadcast Network—again. As usual, it’s his fault. As usual, he blames her.

“Shopping at Home with GAS” airs after lunch. Brown-nosing donkey-humanoid intern Stu Pitt scurries about setting up show items—Digital Drapes that display the time, and a one-wheeled BlabbaFlabb exercise bike. He brags that he’s transformed the room into an on-location studio, complete with wind, rain, and snow—all controlled by a red lever.

Gneeecey orders Stu to come in tight with the camera at the end—he’ll use the opening and closing display drapes to send a life-and-death “Horse Code” message to one of the evil alien Markmen..

Gneeecey hawks three-legged pantyhose and other junk. Stu squirms with excitement, unaware that another BlabbaFlabb’s rubber bands have wrapped themselves around his legs. Gneeecey attaches an assembled machine’s bands to his jaw, hands, and feet. He resembles a malfunctioning windmill.

Gneeecey pounds a fist on the table piled with drapes. It collapses. His flailing limbs become entangled in the display curtains. They open and close behind him, tumbling to the floor, along with Gneeecey. Arms and legs revolving, he screams.

Stu lunges forward to help but is snapped backward by the bands circling his legs. He flies in Gneeecey’s direction, shoots sideways, then grabs a red lever. A ceiling trapdoor opens, dumping a half-ton of snow on Gneeecey’s noggin.

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