Airplanes in His Pants...And Other Embarrassing Moments

Perswayssick Radio: Unearthly Comedy

Oct 12 2021 • 27 mins

“Airplanes in His Pants…And Other Embarrassing Moments,” Episode 10

Stranded earthling Nicki Rodriguez recalls embarrassing moments in zany alien canine-humanoid Gneeecey’s life, including when she finds him running in circles shrieking, “Airplanes in my pants!” He claims that propellers are slashing up his underpants. Nicki becomes concerned for herself as she thinks she can hear faint sounds of prop engines.

She calls Gneeecey’s neurologist, Dr. Idnas, who is treating him for Redecoritis, an impairment that causes him to believe that trees, chairs, and other inanimate objects are stalking and chasing him. Gneeecey’s speech impediment is related to this disorder, which is caused by exposure to mierk. Mierk is the toxic, goopy manufacturing byproduct that coats the Perswayssick River’s banks. It has seeped into just about everything.

Dr. Idnas advises Nicki to give Gneeecey an extra half-dose of his med, Bumpex.  She recommends that he sit on an icepack for fifteen minutes. Nicki and Gneeecey argue about the impact that mierk is having on Perswayssick County.

They both become alarmed when suddenly, she shows symptoms of ooglitis.

Nicki also remembers when she and Gneeecey spent an evening under house arrest on Planet HyenaZitania. Gneeecey had been swimming in some unearthly vapors, and that night his perceptions seemed altered.

As usual, Nicki and Gneeecey arrive late to his session with meatball maven/licensed therapist Ingabore Scriblig. She prefers to be called “Grandma.” Discussing Gneeecey’s time management issues, Nicki tells Grandma what caused Gneeecey’s latest tardiness. As usual, Gneeecey refuses to engage, stating that he must leave.

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