Double Header: The Two K's & His Turn to Bring Sandwiches

Perswayssick Radio: Unearthly Comedy

Aug 17 2021 • 34 mins

Food’s the common theme here!

In “The Two K’s,” Gneeecey attempts to educate his protégé, mouse-humanoid Gneeezle’s employee Altitude. “I’m trynna teach ya ’bout the two K’s—cookin’ an’ cleanin’,” Gneeecey advises the hapless rodent after he nearly burns down the eatery. (Gneeecey had slapped some jackass burgers on the grill and ordered Altitude to watch them. Watch he did, as they went up in flames.)

Nicki, working there part-time, expresses alarm that the blobs inside the establishment’s lava lamps seem hyperactive. Gneeecey instructs her not to look at them. He adds that during Blirg (a season where time runs backward due to Perswayssick County’s dimensional “electronical gravoovitational disruptications”), the lamps may be hungry. If so, Gneeecey warns Nicki that she’d better run for her life.

Two evil alien Markmen, Redheaded Broken-nose Mark and Blond Big Nose Mark show up and intimidate Gneeecey.

Perswayssick City Councilperson Verna Vlott drops in to order lunch and tolerates Altitude’s rudeness.

Enter Gneeecey, applying a size thirteen high-top to the mouse’s scruffy backside and apologizing to the Councilperson. Pitying Altitude, Verna stuffs a wad of greenbacks in his palm so that he can afford a last name.

In “His Turn to Bring Sandwiches,” Gneeecey supplies refreshments for his Brain Surgery Club. Delighted colleagues happily gobble up Altitude’s two-week-old vegetative-matter-leaking finger sandwiches while they study wall-sized images of partially resected brains.

…Later, Nicki takes Gneeecey to visit veggie meatball shop owner (and licensed therapist) Ingabore Scriblig, AKA, Grandma. And, as our Frank Grillo says at the very end of each podcast, “It’s a Gneeecey thing!”

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