Mr. Reaper, Paul Creary, and Broon Are On Air

The Fierce Female Network

Jun 3 2022 • 35 mins

To work with Fierce Manson contact her at 1-888-800-9369. Fusing raw, brutally honest lyricism to hard-hitting rap rhythms, Mr.Reaper is an emerging hip-hop artist currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style is very lyrical, blending emotionally wordy bars to infectious beats. The rappers lyrical ability is truly incredible and paints an authentic, uncut picture of life in vivid detail. He's a distinctly conscious rapper, talking on deeper life subjects from overcoming adversity to spirituality. His low, quick paced flow is second to none, creating a highly unique sound unlike any other rapper in the industry right now. Reaper’s motivational anthems act as the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the daily struggles of life. REAP has been recording music since he was just seventeen years old.