The Novus Show

Francisco Garcia, Zach Busekrus

The Novus Show explores the trends, technology, strategies, and organizations reshaping the fundraising landscape. You’re invited to journey with us as we discover how to attract, engage, and inspire the next generations of advocates. This podcast is for the innovators and envelop-pushers in the nonprofit space — for those dedicated to thinking big and wrestling with hard questions around how to grow their brands, programs, and constituencies. Let’s grow well, together — and have a bit of fun while doing so. Want to keep the party going? Drop us a note at novusagency.org
[E16] The Future of Nonprofit Impact Reporting [Part 2]: How Elijah Goldberg Helped Build Charity Navigator's First Impact Rating
Dec 8 2020
53 mins
[E15] The Future of Nonprofit Impact Reporting [Part 1]: A Conversation with Michael Thatcher — A Surfer, Former CTO at Microsoft, and CEO of Charity Navigator[E14] Growth, Creativity, and Grit — Brainstorming an Innovative Fundraising Campaign[E13] Feat. Charity Navigator's CTO — Learning From a Nonprofit Technology GeniusEpisode 12: 4 Copywriting Lessons to Engage Your Nonprofit's Next Generation of SupportersEpisode 11: How to Partner with an Outside Agency (An Honest Conversation)
Last week, I called up my friend (let's call him Luis Miguel) and we had a challenging conversation. We were good friends and both worked in ministry together for a number of years—but I realized there was an underlying issue in our relationship that needed to be addressed. Rather than letting it fester, I decided to bring it up directly. I named what I thought was not being addressed, and then spent time listening to Luis Miguel's thoughts. This conversation was bold. A little risky. And required me to be vulnerable. By the end of the conversation, the issue was resolved, our friendship was deeper, and we both left the call with a renewed determination to advance the mission of our ministry. The lesson? Bold and vulnerable conversations done well lead to growth. Zach and I have been spending a lot of time thinking about bold and honest conversations...especially in the context of Novus, nonprofit marketing, and fundraising. In the spirit of transparency, Zach and I wanted to have an honest conversation on what it's like to work with an agency (from our perspective as a nonprofit marketing tech agency) discussing: The Market for Marketing Agencies in 2020 When to Partner with an Agency How to Review an Agency (🌶) How to Successfully Work with an Agency This episode isn't meant to sell you our services—although it would be fun to partner with you (lol)—but it's meant to give you some real tools to help you partner with the right agency and to stop the agency burn and churn. Let's advance your mission—to the heights.
Sep 21 2020
40 mins
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