Superman Exile and the Post-Byrne Era (Crisis 'Til Death IV)

Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey

Sep 22 2021 • 1 hr 55 mins

Host Anthony Desiato digs into the post-Byrne era of the Superman titles as "Crisis 'Til Death" continues! In Part IV, Anthony and guest Scott Honig discuss the psychologically-tinged tales "Exile" and "Day of the Krypton Man." This episode covers SUPERMAN #23-43, ACTION #643-652 and Annual #2, and ADVENTURES #445-465, featuring the work of Jerry Ordway, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, and more. "Crisis 'Til Death" runs WEEKLY, so come back in 1 week for Part V! OFFER: Visit BCW Supplies (https://www.bcwsupplies.com/?acc=flatsquirrel) and use promo code FSP to save 10% on your next order of comics supplies! It helps support the show, too. Thanks! Support this podcast