Guest: Mike Kotecki on engineers advancing into management; Warehouse yards go digital; A possible bumpy road for EV adoption

Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY

Sep 15 2023 • 22 mins

Our guest on this week's episode is retired materials handling executive Mike Kotecki. He has just written a new book, Leadership for Engineers: How to Turn Perfectly Good STEM Professionals into Management . Kotecki was formerly an executive with HK Systems and Dematic. He discusses his personal journey into management and how STEM professionals have many of the tools needed to become good industry leaders. He also shares tips for helping them to fill gaps they may have in their backgrounds and training in order for them to progress in management and be noticed when promotions roll around.

Digital technologies have been transforming our distribution centers and warehouses over the past few years. Now, similar technology is moving from inside the four walls to outside the facility and into the yard. We look at how these technologies along with artificial intelligence are beginning to impact yard and trailer management.

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear talk about the potential of electric cars and trucks. But, rapid adoption of electric vehicles may face some hurdles, including a lack of infrastructure and the need to keep current vehicles that run on fossil fuels operating through their useful lifecycles. We discuss some of the roadblocks to fast adoption of EVs.

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