Guest: Don Hicks of Optilogic on nearshoring; Signs of optimism in freight markets; A new battery plant

Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY

Sep 8 2023 • 22 mins

Our guest on this week's episode is Don Hicks, CEO of Optilogic. As manufacturing is declining in China, many companies are turning to Mexico and other Latin American countries to assure a steady supply of goods while also shortening their supply chains. But will nearshoring actually resolve many of the problems supply chains have faced in the past few years?  We discuss the benefits and pitfalls of nearshoring designs.

Freight brokers are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel – and there is new data to back up that better conditions may be returning. We discuss freight markets and what might soon be a return to more normal conditions following this year's declining market.

The transportation industry is gradually introducing more electric-powered vehicles while moving away from diesel engines to power trucks.  Such a change, though, requires a lot more batteries than are currently available. This week we heard of plans from several truck companies to join together to build a new factory for domestic battery manufacturing. This will assure more battery supply for the trucks they hope to build.

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