Guest: Craig Malloy of Vecna Robotics on overcoming barriers to automation; Mezzanines are on the rise; Trends in nearshoring

Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY

Jun 2 2023 • 22 mins

Our guest on this week's episode is Craig Malloy, CEO of Vecna Robotics. With the current shortage of labor, many companies are rushing to fill the gaps in their distribution operations with automated systems. But, how do they get started and what are the barriers to achieving their goals? Our guest today has some insights.

Mezzanines and work platforms are used in warehouses and distribution centers to primarily hold either equipment or people and serve as a way to maximize space in a facility.  While not much has changed with them in the past 10 or 20 years, they nevertheless remain a warehouse  staple. It turns out that as distribution operations become more automated, demand is on the rise for steel support structures like these that can be integrated with the latest material handling technologies.

A new report highlights the growing shift to move many manufacturing operations from China and other Asian countries closer to home, particularly to Mexico. We share the details from the report and what types of logistics companies might benefit from manufacturing that is being nearshored.

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