34. Three Cultural Trends about the Future of Food, Interview with Melissa Clark-Reynolds

How To Write The Future

Feb 27 2023 • 15 mins

“There's all these different ways that we can look into the future and if you want to speak to some of the major things that you see coming that we might all go, oh yeah, totally understand. And then some surprising things. If there's like a top three list or a top five list, maybe a global scale, but of course root it in what you know for your region.”

In “Three Cultural Trends about the Future of Food, Interview with Melissa Clark-Reynolds,” host Beth Barany, creativity coach, and science fiction and fantasy novelist, chats with Melissa in this final episode of a mini-series where they discuss the cultural trends surrounding food and what food industries may look like in the future.

About Mellissa Clark-Reynolds

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM, ChMInstD became a Foresight Practitioner and Professional Director after 30 years experience as a technology entrepreneur and CEO of a number of Technology companies. She trained as a Foresight Practitioner with The Institute for the Future in Palo Alto and also with Clayton Christiansen in his approach to Disruptive Innovation through Harvard. She has also trained with Futurist Sohail Inayutollah in his approach to corporate narrative and content level analysis.

Melissa works with companies like AsureQuality, Kotahi, Lincoln University, the NZ Screen Sector, and BiosecurityNZ on Strategy and Foresight. Melissa has a particular interest in Platform and Subscription Business Models. She developed and teaches courses in Strategy, Digital Governance and Disruptive Business Models for the NZ Institute of Directors.



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