108. Interview with Michael Kilman, Co-Author of Build Better Worlds, part 1 of 2

How To Write The Future

Jul 8 2024 • 11 mins

“I think if you're writing truthfully, because that's what we're trying to do a lot of times as author, telling a good story, but being honest in our writing and in terms of the human experience, I think it really helps to have some sort of guidepost for how do we build these human experiences?”
Michael Kilman

Following on from the mini series where podcast host Beth Barany delved into the book Build Better Worlds by Michael Kilman and Kyra Wellstrom, in this latest episode Beth chats to co-author Michael Kilman about his history and interest in anthropology and how it helped shaped chapters of the book, titled “Interview with Michael Kilman, co-author of Build Better Worlds, part 1 of 2.”

About Michael Kilman

Michael Kilman is an author and anthropologist and lectures at the University of Colorado at Denver and is host of the YouTube series Anthropology in 10 or Less.  After teaching anthropology for 9 years and working with 25 native American Tribes over the course of ten years, Michael published four science fiction novels in a series called The Chronicles of the Great Migration. His most recent co-written book, Build Better Worlds: An Introduction to Anthropology, for Game Designers, Fiction Writers, and Filmmakers, uses the social science of anthropology to help people with fictional world building.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.kilman.5

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-kilman-m-s-075b7110/

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@authormichaelkilman

Website: http://loridianslaboratory.com

About Kyra Wellstrom

Kyra Wellstrom earned a Bachelor's Degree in anthropology from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a Masters Degree in forensic anthropology from the University of Edinburgh. She currently teaches archaeology, cultural anthropology, forensic anthropology, and biological anthropology, always with a focus on bio-cultural interaction and holism. Kyra has a passion for teaching and enjoys helping students engage with material by encouraging their creativity. She designs her courses with a focus on game play, multimedia interaction, and world building.


Build Better Worlds: An Introduction to Anthropology for Game Designers, Fiction Writers and Filmmakers by Michael Kilman and Kyra Wellstrom https://books2read.com/bbwhtwtf

Free World Building Workbook for Fiction Writers: https://writersfunzone.com/blog/world-building-resources/




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