VIP Ignite E:74 Miranda Knight Brand Ambassador to LA


Oct 25 2018 • 29 mins

Are you worried that where you live dictates your success? Do you want to be a model/actor/model but you fear that you won't find opporunities?The trith is that if you want to be a raving success, you have to live in a major market like New York or Los Angeles. That being said, if you don't live in one of those places, you shouldn't lose heart. Oppprtunity abounds to those who look for it On this episode of the VIP Ignite podcast, your host Deneen White is excited to interview Miranda Knight who lives in Missouri. Miranda has a performer personality, and is headed to Los Angeles in June for a ViP Ignite live event. I am excited to share her journey and her vision for how she will go from a girl in a small town in Missouri to a model and an acress on television.