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ALL YOU NEEDTO KNOW: The Mellow Magnifying Glass Podcast is for those with intentions to mellow out and flow more fluidly through life. Here, you will find conversation about experiences in life with intentions to see the best in that situation. The Mellow Magnifying Glass encourages you to shift your perspective with practice to see life experiences through a new lens to increase joy and happiness in life. Get ready for some dissection of life, laughs, and interviews with people who have a game to give or want to challenge themselves to see an experience through the Mellow Magnifying Glass. Let's get mellow on Fridays at 7:00am EST.

Guess what, there's more! THE MELLOW TALKS: The Mellow Talks is an added segment to Mellow Magnifying Glass that will feature quests to have general conversations of our perspective of a particular topic. Starting May 7th, 2023, expect weekly episodes.

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HOST: Hello Everyone! My name is Angi and I am a soul on this journey of life who has been blessed with two children, the role of motherhood, opportunity to get my education and some divine intervention. With my most recent pregnancy, my son Andre David transitioned after fight for his life for seven hours and I, myself, had a near death experience (which I talk about in Episode 1). This inspired me to start the Mellow Magnifying Glass podcast with my own intentions of shifting my perspective on life. I encourage my listeners to join me on this journey to joy and challenge themselves to see life through a new lens. Thank you for being here! Can’t wait to hear from you! With love, bye for now.

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