Our Top Headlines of the Month| November 2021

JSA Podcasts for Telecom and Data Centers

Dec 2 2021 • 9 mins

Did you guess it? Coming soon to Vancouver, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel will connect carriers and customers of all sizes together in the city’s newest, state-of-the-art carrier hotel. Stay tuned at spencerbuilding.com http://spencerbuilding.com

Redline Communications Continues Virtual Fiber Deployments in the Middle East with New Contract Wins: https://tinyurl.com/yd5p8ye2

UPIX’s Expanded Link to NYIIX Enhances Global Connectivity: https://www.jsa.net/blog/upixs-expanded-link-to-nyiix-enhances-global-connectivity/54487/

Prime Data Centers Expands in Sacramento With Second Data Center: https://www.jsa.net/blog/prime-data-centers-expands-in-sacramento-with-second-data-center/54436/

From CoreSite, Aptum and Telus to Stream Data Centers: Meet Yvonne Deir: https://www.jsa.net/blog/stream-welcomes-yvonne-deir-hyperscale-cloud-exec/54446/

Redline Communications’ Virtual Fiber Solution Plays Key Role in Saudi Arabia’s Safe Cities Initiative: https://www.jsa.net/blog/redline-communications-virtual-fiber-solution-plays-key-role-in-saudi-arabias-safe-cities-initiative/54430/

Crusoe’s New Modular Data Center Services Deliver the New Frontier of Clean Cloud Computing: https://www.jsa.net/blog/crusoes-new-modular-data-center-services-deliver-the-new-frontier-of-clean-cloud-computing/54298/

The Metaverse – Its Impact and Why It Matters: https://www.jsa.net/blog/the-metaverse-its-impact-and-why-it-matters/54462/

EdgeConneX Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Leadership Award: https://tinyurl.com/mve8epjy

Lightpath Announces Major Expansion to Fiber Network in Boston Region:

DataBank Announces Major Data Center Build in Northern Virginia:

American Tower Welcomes COLOTRAQ to Its Channel Partner Program:

American Tower Grows Channel Partner Program with Global Telecom Solutions:

Serverfarm Adds 110,000 Square Feet of New Capacity in Atlanta:

BDx Launches Flexible Data Halls in Nanjing to Meet Eastern China’s High-Density Power Requirements: https://tinyurl.com/pszmsbk8

CTI Towers Stays Ahead of the Curve with Connected2Fiber’s The Connected World Platform: https://tinyurl.com/77n348uw

Consolidated Communications Launching Fidium Fiber Gigabit Consumer Broadband Service with Reimagined Customer Experience: https://tinyurl.com/2fwx7e4m