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“The Times" is a podcast from the Los Angeles Times hosted by columnist Gustavo Arellano along with reporters from our diverse newsroom. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, our podcast brings listeners the most essential stories from the L.A. Times. We've got the West Coast angle on the most interesting news stories of the day, taking on topics like entertainment, the environment, immigration, politics, the criminal justice system, the social safety net, food and culture and more, and delivering it in a tone that isn’t so stressed or intense. Through interviews and original stories, we are the audio guide you need to understand the day’s news, the world and how California is at the epicenter of it all. read less

Our Editor's Take

Listeners of The Times: Essential news from the L.A. Times enjoy over 400 episodes from the podcast's two-year run. The show's massive range of stunning topics keeps them listening. Though the podcast ended in 2023, its archive is still available and will continue to be. It's hard not to listen to them all at once. The Los Angeles Times produced and nurtured this show. Backed by a newspaper with decades of reliability and a stack of Pulitzer Prizes, the quality is stellar. Listeners get news from-and global stories viewed from-America's newer melting pot.

The podcast examines the world through the eyes of the West Coast. So a casual tone and exceptional journalism meld in this podcast. Career L.A. Times journalists give listeners award-winning reporting and cutting investigative stories. Distinctive examinations of diverse lives, struggles, and triumphs make this a thought-provoking podcast.

Times columnist Gustavo Arellano hosts. His bio states that he's the son of immigrants and that one of his parents came to the US from Mexico in the trunk of a Chevy. With pride, Arellano hard-rolls his Rs. He sprinkles in Spanish words here and there as he introduces episodes. His strong Latinx spirit has a West Coast aura. But content is independent of place, despite the podcast's title. It's also unbound by staff demographic. Arellano's casual tone grounds listeners amidst intense stories.

Topics get intense and take up the focus of about 30-minute episodes. The podcast's stories are unique and come from many perspectives. They explore how mass shootings affect young voters in the US. They go far, reporting on LGBTQ people's experience on the battlefront in Ukraine. Topics can range from a crisis on the Colorado River to L.A.'s complicated affordable housing system.

The Times: Essential news from the L.A. Times podcast talks about a lot. It covers the arts, culture, tech, politics, the savage, and the ridiculous. It delivers fantastic investigative stories and the latest news. Episodes are under 30 minutes. Shows focus on one topic with commentary and news briefs on different events mixed in.

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