Space Force, Meeting Keith Urban & You Tube Fact checks-

Pat Gray Unleashed

Aug 9 2018 • 2 hrs 25 mins

Hour 1:  A new ad urging Trump not to fire Bob Mueller seems a little suspicious, calling the President weak or impotent.  CNN and other major networks commit ‘fake news by omission” as VP Mike Pence makes a major announcement about the formation of a “Space Force” which was completely ignored. We take calls on the Space Force and point out that we’re already doing battle in Cyber Space, thanks to the US Air Force and the DOD.   Hour 2: A woman has a “brush with greatness” as she unknowingly pays for a gas station purchase for Country Music star Keith Urban. More about the Space Force as our callers pick apart the idea, some even have improvements on the idea which might revolutionize actual air travel.  YouTube combatting scientific misinformation with “disclaimers” meant to discredit ideas YouTube doesn’t agree with.     Hour 3: A man was arrested for training kids to kill. Authorities found the children in a compound in New Mexico. How does a human being get to that point? A new film from Michael Moore calls Donald Trump the last President of America and paints the future in the US in unreasonable and dark ways. According to CNN, summertime hail is a sign of climate change. Diane Feinstein was an easy mark for a Chinese spy for over 20 years.…ay-unleashed/…work/…80961263?mt=2 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit