Huawei Future of Finance - Hylton Kallner - Behavioural Banking

Inside Track with Colin Iles

Sep 22 2021 • 54 mins

What is behavioural banking?

I asked Discovery Bank CEO, Hylton Kallner , to explain.

Discovery Limited is without question one of South Africa’s most successful companies. But why?

In this interview with Discovery Bank CEO, Hylton Kallner, I try to understand more about how Discovery Group has become so successful and how they are applying similar ideas and models in their latest banking product offerings.

Hylton's views on purpose, behavioural economics and avoiding business plans are fascinating.

If you are interested in leadership, culture, innovation or the future of financial services in general, then you'll enjoy this one. Hylton on LinkedIn · Discovery Bank · Connect with Colin on LinkedIn · · WhatsApp Colin now