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Nov 16 2021
49 mins
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On this episode, we chat with Ami Patel, a writer for Water & Music and a passionate analyst of the international music scene.Ami is a music marketing strategist from Houston, Texas, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. She has a passion for artist development and the global music market and frequently shares her thoughts on current music trends and new music discoveries on her website.In June 2021, Patel penned a 3,600-word tome titled “Anatomy of a modern pop fanbase: How fans use data to build their own music marketing powerhouses,” which will be the main topic of today’s conversation with her. The K-Pop guide was rigorously researched and written by Patel and edited by Cherie Hu, who runs Water & Music, which is a membership-funded email newsletter, research hub, and community forum dedicated to unpacking the fine print of commercial, technological, and cultural change in the music industry.Patel was a recent participant in the first-ever Measure of Music music + data event in February 2021, and is joining us today from the great state of Texas.Note: Around 43 minutes in, Ami says, "1.93 million ticket buyers." The correct number is 1.33 million ticket buyers.You can connect with Ami on LinkedIn here.If you want more free insights, follow our podcast, our blog, and our socials.If you're an artist with a free Chartmetric account, sign up for the artist plan, made exclusively for you, here.If you're new to Chartmetric, follow the URL above after creating a free account here.
Aug 24 2021
52 mins
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Mar 11 2021
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