Be Everywhere All At Once; Dr. Barrett Matthews

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Dec 8 2022 • 39 mins

Dr. Barrett Matthews, aka the Media Boss, is a man on a mission to help speakers, coaches, authors, and thought leaders to get to those global clients who want to pay them but do not know them through media. His plan is to show them how to use various forms of media simultaneously in order to be everywhere, all at once, so their clients can always find them. As the author of 3 books, host of several podcasts, and several other media ventures, Dr. Matthews is ready to show you how to be omnipresent.

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  • Peggy Hightower
Effect on Emotions
  • I remember one day, I got a flat tire. I changed the tire, and I let it bother me all day long. Then I thought, why am I worrying about something that's already done? So now, my mind is in a different place. Now I can change it, I changed it and move on with the rest of my day. So
Thoughts on Breathing
  • It is funny because I was just telling someone this the other day. They were building up some stress on something, and I suggested to just breathe. A lot of times, when we go through a lot of things, we stop ourselves from breathing normally. If we allow ourselves to breathe normally, we notice a central call that comes over. If and when that call comes over, then we can start to think clearly and get things done appropriately. So
Suggested Resources Bullying Story
  • She was bullied in school and she was starting to withdraw from everything, and her mother noticed it. Her mother started to empower her and started to get her to do some things in the media. She started a blog and a YouTube channel. She is letting other teenagers know that they're loved. So
  • She not only helped herself by helping those other people, but she started helping those other people. She's grown all these followers in a podcast which is such a wonderful thing because she actually was feeling bad about herself. So
  • They need to know somebody loves them. I mean, I know as a kid, for myself, I guess I could say I was bullied at some point, but I just don't know. It was a different time then. We looked at it a little differently. I think this because social media wasn't around. So
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