Tapping into Money? The Secret Tool to Uncover Your Money Story | HDM 391

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Mar 14 2024 • 26 mins

If you still have days when getting a hold of your finances seems impossible, rest assured: you’re not alone! You might not know it, but between you and money confidence stands an invisible, ever-eluding barrier that you gotta tackle first: your money story. In this episode, Pam Covarubias explains how Calladita Culture™️ has disempowered women financially and what can you do to uncover your money story.

We all carry money stories, hiding in plain sight and influencing the way we think, act around, and spend our money. Although there are money stories of all kinds, both good and bad, in my experience, an overwhelming amount of Latina women navigate through life carrying around disempowering and restrictive money stories. These stories not only are a breeding ground for financial stress –they also keep us enmeshed in Calladita Culture™️, a set of limiting beliefs that push women to act in a self-effacing way.

In today’s episode, Pam Covarrubias, host of the beloved Café con Pam podcast,  will share with us some tools to help you reclaim your voice and finally start to uncover that hidden money story that is keeping you small.

Pam is a Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, and Recovering Procrastinator. Grounded in liberation principles, she employs trauma-informed practices that nurture her clients' nervous systems. Rejecting the damages of Calladita Culture™️, Pam embraces her voice to eradicate its impact by advocating against silencing and submission in first-generation women and femmes in the US.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is calladita culture and how it affects women?
  • The pesky ways in which this culture impacts your finances.
  • How to use tapping to regulate your nervous system

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