Fierce Compassion with Koya Webb

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Nov 17 2019 • 55 mins

Our guest for this week is Koya Webb, an author, speaker, internationally recognized yoga teacher, vegan activist,and celebrity holistic health coach.

About Koya

Koya Webb is a former competitive track and field athlete. She was first introduced to yoga as a form of rehabilitation for an injury she suffered while training for the Olympics. But as time went by, she continued to fall in love with the practice. After she fully recognized both the physical and mental benefits of yoga, Koya shifted her career focus to personal training and life coaching, with a goal of sharing practical holistic health practices anyone can use to improve their lifestyle.

Every day, Koya aims to promote daily self-care, oneness, and eco-friendly living. Her goal is to combat some of the world’s biggest challenges including mental health, social injustices, and global warming.

In 2010, Koya founded ‘Get Loved Up’, which is an international lifestyle community and Yoga School. The community offers tons of services that inspire mental, spiritual and physical health including an app, online courses, regular retreats, and in-person yoga teacher training events. Koya is also a fellow podcaster and hosts a weekly ‘Get Loved Up Podcast’.

Her latest book is called ‘Let Your Fears Make You Fierce’ and was released in June 2019. It is an inspiring guide with practical tips that will help you overcome and rid yourself of the fears that are holding you back and preventing you from living your ideal life. Other topics discussed in the book include daily self-assessment and mindfulness, understanding how to make fear your friend, and using the power of holistic health to heal.

Koya is holding all kinds of retreats and training seminars throughout the year and there are two scheduled for this December to get excited about! First, she will be holding a Yoga Teacher Training Seminar in Los Angeles from 1st until the 22nd. After that, you can join her for a New Year’s Manifestation Retreat in Bali.

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In This Episode We Canvas:

  • What Does It Mean to Be Fierce?

Fierceness and being fierce is a huge component of Koya’s teachings so it absolutely made sense to pick it as a starting point for our conversational adventure. She describes from a deeply personal and subjective standpoint what the notion means for her and how she has been able to adapt it as one of her principles for living a magnificent life.

“To me, fierce is all about being willing to look at life with compassion… It would be living your life not afraid to experience all of life. And living your life in a way where you’re causing the least amount of harm to yourself, others and the planet.” - Koya Webb

  • The Paradox of (Dis)Connection

It is somewhat ironic how technology has given us a gift of being able to contact one another by a mere click of a button but has simultaneously led to a point where we’re more emotionally further apart than we’ve ever been. In this section, we explore the conditions that led to this paradox and what is necessary for us to be able to overcome it in the future.

“We have all of these technological advances and we have all these social media and we have all this connection at an all-time high... We have the greatest connection but then we also have the greatest disconnection… We’re advancing at such a fast rate, it’s like we haven’t caught up to ourselves!” - Koya Webb

  • Using Fierceness to Fight Toxicity

Fierceness and compassion are major themes of our conversation and they will be popping in and out as we discuss various topics. One of the major applications of fierceness, as Koya sees it, is to use it as a tool for eliminating toxicity from the world.

“Where the fierceness comes in… It’s standing for what you believe in and not being afraid to speak up for what is right. Because the toxic is speaking real loud!” - Koya Webb

  • Sharing Fiercely Without Shaming

Building on our previous topic, Koya provides us with an example of why compassion and fierceness have to go hand in hand. One has to be supported by the other because it is a way in which we secure that we are being mindful in the way that we are sharing - meaning that we’re speaking our truth without the intent of shaming others.

“It’s really about not being perfect but doing the best we can… And in that compassion - you learn it and you share it. And be fierce in your sharing, meaning don’t be too timid not to share, but also compassionate to where you’re not sharing and shaming… Everyone starts somewhere!” - Koya Webb

  • Teaching and Asking the Right Questions

Koya wasn’t planning on becoming a teacher and the role came to her more like a natural consequence of her personal development and transformation. And maybe it’s because of the fact that she didn’t seek it, is why she has such amazing insight and clarity into what makes a great teacher.

“As a teacher, I also know that it’s not me - it’s them. And it’s me as a guide and a teacher asking the questions that I need to ask to lead them to their own answer. Not my answer and not what I would do for my life, but my goal as a teacher and a guide is to lead other people to their answers. So it’s about me asking the right questions!” - Koya Webb

  • How to Shine During an Off-Day

This is the absolute, undiluted, practical masterclass on how to deal with our off-days.

“Like the sun in the daytime and the moon in the darkness… In the light and the darkness, we can still shine!... And that looks like acknowledging where the pain is. Acknowledging the anger…” - Koya Webb

Once we accept the bad from a psychological aspect, we shift to the physical in order to let it all out.

“The biggest thing that helps me is the breathwork.” - Koya Webb

Using breathwork, yoga or other techniques will help you rid yourself of the negative energy. And the last step is preparing yourself to shine.

“And then meditation is where I sit and I ask the universe, “What can I do?”. - Koya Webb

In the end, you can always rely on activities that will fill you up with positivity as well as getting much-needed support from your community and tribe.

“When you have a dark time - get loved up!” - Koya Webb

Koya’s Message of Inspired Evolution

Such an amazing experience! I am thrilled that I was a part of this perfectly authentic and heartwarming conversation and I can’t wait to hear what you all think. I sincerely hope that via this podcast, Koya’s message of fierce compassion continues to inspire the minds and hearts of people all over the world.

“Start with where you are!... You are beautiful, you are worthy and you are enough!” - Koya Webb

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