Living Consciously with JuanPa (Juan Pablo Barahona)

Inspired Evolution

Aug 26 2018 • 1 hr

Juan Pablo has been submerged in spirituality and healing since the age of 9, due to the health of his brother suddenly deteriorating at the time.

His passion for self-realization and the joy to help others led him to become certified by many different schools in Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Tantric Philosophy, Master Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Therapies and Healing Arts.

He has been teaching in different countries and festivals for more than 15 years and is the co-director of The Yoga and Healing School Lamat, where he shares classes, workshops, immersions and training for 12 years. Juan Pablo is the director and main teacher of the Conscious Living School, an internationally connected institution without walls, whose main purpose is to awaken humanity.

Every healing session, talk, and class he channels are unique and spontaneous, inspired by the moment and by the energy of the group. He perfectly combines science and healing arts to lead his students or audience into an introspective and blissful journey.

In this conversation Juanpa

-Embodied Eligntenment -

We discuss healing beyond conventional medicine. Juanpa's inspirations for founding KAWOQ- Conscious Living School. Emerging from his life's work of embodying spirituality through various ancient spiritual practices.

We deeply discuss spirituality beyond religion and the sbliminal invitation presents itself to pioneering your own spirituality and healing.

JuanPa vulnerably shares the darkest hours from his journey to the point where he comes face-to-face-with suicide.

His saving grace was living in a conscious spiritual community for 4 years that promoted embodiment.

You're here to be authentic, and completely you.

Mission is to wake people us and make money around it.

Through your story.

Understand why you lived what you lived.

Who you are and why you go through what you go through.

Your greatest challenges become your greatest opportunities.

You mind locks into things.

THe universe may have bigger plans for you.

But if your not available - open to the universe with every breathe...

The negative aspect f your ego creates disconnection fromflow,nature and everythign around us.

Thats when our plans get in the way of our purpose.

You need to listen.

Everything is a lesson if you just listen to see it.

The strength of surrendering to flow and universe.

Surrender manifestation. vs. manufactured manifestatation.

The good and non-so-good aspect of ego.

Its never about you.

Youre just a messenger or a channel for energy

-connection- )-awakening- -spiritual growth- -flow- 9purpose- -energy-

howto identify between the two aspects of ego.

when tehres doubt or fear or anger or reaction, defending - that's neagtive ego - your triggered and that the ego of separation

let that uncomforatability go - its like an acid that you can melt

psitive eg is the universe flowing through you

be humble and present to observe what thought patterns are triggering you.

the other negative aspect of ego is when you beleive in your own grandioseness,

we're being upgraded all the time.

When you think you know EVERYTHING, drop into openness and know that you know NOTHING.

Always learning about thought patterns.

For example, Juanpa used to believe that spiritual healing takes a lot of work and is an arduous process.

He identifies that this in itself is just a beleif systemandtaht spiritual healing can occur in a moment.

He introduces: Mega Healing in Micro Timing

It's all in the heart. The energy field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than the mind.

Its getting simpler to connect with your soul and your purpose and who we are and it doesn't have to take so long.


there is really nothing to heal. the soul is healed. you are integrated. you are whloe already.

all the qualities of your soul are perfect and successful already. we're just getting in the way. and forcing disconnection.

You're always connected at the soul level but the mind is where disconnection is decided from.

Just "remembering" your connection rather than "learning".

-domestication -

bombarded with external stimuli, buy this, do that, you're not enough, society and its development relies on you looking outwards and feeling like there is not enough.

you were never taught to looking within and living from within.

living from the inner knowing and interconnectedness


you are always in a meditative state if you choose to.

meditation: observing the mind.

the imbalance of the day:we're too identified with the mind

spirituality can be

emodying your souls purpose

your limiting beliefs holding you back

dream big and manifest

stay open to possibilities

the power of prayer

science is hardbacking many ancient spiritual practices to help bridge the logical mind into being more open

the importance of staying flexible and judgement free

unveiling our hidden blidspots

openness is about humanness

fear holds us back and protects us

share your humanness

being humble is about human

being open in every aspect is about being authentic, being real and being wild !

know yourself, accept yourself

give other people permission to do the same


Juanpa shares the parabel of If youre an avocado tree, make the best avocados possible

If youre a pear tree, make the best pears possible

Many of us look outwards and as avocado trees desire to produce pears.

Many of us look outwards to find ourselves.

But looking inwards, find you authentic expression.

Create from here. You're going to have to Risk it !

Actively feed the parts of you that aredifferent to others and your unqiueness rather than feeding the similarity posts.

-individualised psirituality-

uniqueness of path

your own practice

alchemy of turning lead into gold

LISTENING TO YOURSELF and what you need in the moment

crafting your own relationship with-self.

meditationg, journealing,

surrending to your own inner guidance systems

take your time to listen and be accessible by source

to this creativity energy fromsouce

be accessible to spirit

inspire is inspirit infinite

exhale let go of anything that is holding you back

listen, open

trust in you dreams, message and vision

act - embody it, be

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Damanhur (Italy):

Nestled in the alpine foothills of Italy is a magical place: Damanhur--a Federation with its own Constitution, culture, art, currency, ... School for Spiritual Healers ...

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