Aprao Presents... Talks With Experts, featuring Kevin Ellis from the Land & New Homes Network

Aprao Presents...

Mar 17 2022 • 47 mins

“The demand for consented sites at the moment is sky-high. The level of deals of the land scene at the moment is highly competitive...we’ve seen some pretty barmy numbers as a consequence of the demand.”

In this episode, Aprao speaks to Kevin Ellis, Founder of the Land & New Homes Network - a national association of professionals from across the housing industry, creating developments for the benefit of all.

We cover a range of topics in this session including the problems with the land and site buying process in the current market. We also discuss what vendors and sellers are looking for and how you can manage vendor expectations. Finally, we use Aprao to practically show how our platform can help you negotiate on sites and unlock new land opportunities. For your information, this episode was originally recorded in early 2021.