Aprao Presents... Learning from Lenders, featuring Daniel Joyce from Close Brothers

Aprao Presents...

Dec 23 2021 • 4 mins

“At Close Brothers, you will generally find that when you get an account manager, you stick with them, they stay with you...and your relationship will remain with them throughout your life.”

In this episode, we speak to Daniel Joyce, Director within the Property division at Close Brothers, who explains how Close Brothers supports residential developers. Find out how Close Brothers makes allocations to support developers, often funding up to 85% of the cost of projects. Daniel takes us through the process Close Brothers undergoes when evaluating project proposals, and why developers should come to Close Brothers due to their specialist, service-driven approach.

Close Brothers is a leading merchant banking group and are one of the largest 250 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Close Brothers Property Finance has over 40 years of property lending experience and supports experienced lenders across England, Scotland and Wales, and provides loans from between £750,000 to a maximum of £20 million.

Daniel has been on the Property board for around 6 years now, overseeing his own team and has the responsibility for lending to developer clients, from family businesses to SME housebuilders operating regionally.