Aprao Presents... What would you do if you were Housing Minister? Episode 4

Aprao Presents...

Apr 21 2022 • 9 mins

"I think the role of Housing Minister is a really challenging one because it lacks permanence...and yet you're dealing with a sector and an area of work that needs long-term strategic thinking."

In this episode we speak to Tariq Shah, the Director at the Vigo Group, a firm that specialises in transformational property-based projects, taking under-used or decaying assets and breathing life into them. Tariq is also Chairperson for Doncaster Town Deal Board and the Chairman of The Sleep Charity.

Tariq explains that if he were Housing Minister, he would prioritise creating plurality in the housing industry; particularly focusing on how to support the competitiveness of SME housebuilders through partnering with tech companies to provide productivity and digitisation infrastructure to this group. He discusses how to stimulate long-term consistency in the planning system and also explains the benefits of further investment into infrastructure in areas across the country. He emphasises the need for stakeholders across the community to feel included in decision-making around housing developments and that after 10 years, in the role, digitisation, efficiency and productivity should be repeatable pillars for the housing sector.